sexta-feira, 5 de abril de 2013

Of not knowing - BEDA #4


My parents have been talking about getting a stable job, what means studying to a tryout at a government organization, hoping I score enough points to get in, and have a nice career in front of me.

The thing is... I don`t think I want it. I don`t want to go to the same place everyday, do the same thing, work to the same people... The idea terrifies me.

If I couldn`t stay more than a year a team sport, how can I know if I`m going to be able to not BORE myself out in a job like those? I mean... I still have so many things to do, and places to see, and people to meet, and experiences to live...

So today I found out Bryarly feels the same way... And she`s done way more than I, so COME ON!

anyway, just watch her video...

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