quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2011

She's my kind of rain

It was a beautiful sunny day, and he was laying down at the park, looking at the gray clouds that could easily end up the great day.

When a sudden shadow covered up his sight, he sat down and looked at her.
Hair all messed up of running, she took a deep breath and sat right next to him.
- What are you doing here?
-Laying down and looking at the sky!
- But what are you thinking of?

And he looked at her, trying to hide a smile, trying not to do what he always did around her, and failing completely, he opened his mouth, and confessed, like a shy kid:
- You.

She opened the dark-chocolate eyes and stood up, running away from him, just to look back a few seconds later and ask him like it was obvious: - Don’t you know we’re gonna run?

He jumped and followed her. As always.

She was already helping a little boy with his kite. And as the kite flew, the sunshine through the coloring sheats, she lokked like the most beautiful rainbow he’s ever seen.

Now she was staring at him, with a serious look on her face, and she said:
- Show me your favorite place.

And he smile, took her hand and walked her to the very center of the park, a big old tree, and put her hand into one of the lower twigs, were his inicials were.
- I always thought I could write someone inicials right next to mine
- Is this your dream?
- Maybe. Lets just say... it’s my dreaming tree...
- Lets swim!

And he smiled again, while she ran towards the lake, never predictable, always a surprise. And the sight of the sunset at the lake made him tremble. But she was already there, sitting next to him at the dock, and the smell of her wet hair was more perfect than he could ever dream.
But she was talking to him:
- Why are you trembling?

He looks at the sunset and tells her everything he’s ever said and did and regret... And she sits there besides him, and whispers: The sun is setting above all of this. It’s past. Now just let go.

Then she holds his hand and pulls him up, and they look at the sky, as a drop falls on her nose.
- It’s raining, l gotta go!

And he watches her running, as the rain washes over all the tears he’s ever had.

It’s winter now, and she’s laying down at the snow, wondering how to get up without ruining her recent-made snow-angel. Then a hand appears in front of her, and she takes it and get up, looking down. The angel was save.

- Perfect! - he says, but she smiles without realizing he’s no longer staring at the snow.

They walk side by side, and she’s telling stories about snow, and Christmas and he’s listening with all the attention he’s got.
And she lookes at him, as the snowflakes gently fall on his hair and shoulders. And she doesn’t know why his smiling at her.

Night falls and the stars shine brighter than they ever did. She takes his hand, and points into the sky:
- Don’t you sometimes feel like snowflakes are small confetti stars falling down on us?

Today he’s sitting at a bench, on his parents house right next to his father, while she swings back and forward under the garden’s tree. While his dad is giving him the ring that belongs to his mom, he ask why her... But the son knows exactly what to say.

- Remember what you said about mom being your shining day? Well,
She's my kind of rain
Like love in a drunken sky
She's confetti falling
Down all night
She sits quietly there
Like water in a jar
Says, Baby why are you
Trembling like you are
So I wait
And I try
I confess like a child
She's my kind of rain
She's the sun set shadows
She's like Rembrandt's light
She's the history that's made at night
She's my lost companion
She's my dreaming tree
Together in this brief eternity
Summer days, winter snows
She's all things to behold
She's my kind of rain
Like love from a drunken sky
Confetti falling down all night
She's my kind of rain
So I wait
And I try
I confess all my crimes
She's my kind of rain
Like love from a drunken sky
Confetti falling down all night
She's my kind of rain

Story by: Monnique São paio
Music:Tim MacGraw - She's my kind of rain

segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2011

I just... wanna be nonsense for a while.

Don't know what's actually going on, but if a person can't let something out in it's own blog, than what is it worth?

Anyway, I've always seen myself as a people person, but usually people are getting on my nerves. For real.

I mean... if u have a friend and u have something to say to your friend and u talk to him, that's completely fine.

But start talking to someone just because the person is online makes no sense to me. No sense at all.

People just don't know ho to use internet, i guess. I mean, people know how to use phones, right? You just call someone if u have something to say. Why can't internet be used tha same way??

And tha stupid facebook won't even allow me to use it without telling everyone I'm online. What if I just don't feel like talking to anyone? Then I'll have to be rude, or stupid, what i hate.

Anyway, being this all said, I just want a simple website to respect my way of relating to others.

I have a feeling I'm not making sense here, but I don't care.
No one is reading this anyway, and that's a relief.

one mor thing: What's up with relates that treat you the same way they did when you were 5?
PLEASE! Stop calling me cutie thing or sweet pie!!