segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2011

I just... wanna be nonsense for a while.

Don't know what's actually going on, but if a person can't let something out in it's own blog, than what is it worth?

Anyway, I've always seen myself as a people person, but usually people are getting on my nerves. For real.

I mean... if u have a friend and u have something to say to your friend and u talk to him, that's completely fine.

But start talking to someone just because the person is online makes no sense to me. No sense at all.

People just don't know ho to use internet, i guess. I mean, people know how to use phones, right? You just call someone if u have something to say. Why can't internet be used tha same way??

And tha stupid facebook won't even allow me to use it without telling everyone I'm online. What if I just don't feel like talking to anyone? Then I'll have to be rude, or stupid, what i hate.

Anyway, being this all said, I just want a simple website to respect my way of relating to others.

I have a feeling I'm not making sense here, but I don't care.
No one is reading this anyway, and that's a relief.

one mor thing: What's up with relates that treat you the same way they did when you were 5?
PLEASE! Stop calling me cutie thing or sweet pie!!


Um comentário:

  1. WOW! What a rage?! ^^
    I know what you mean, really
    But, you need to know that saying what you feel is not being idiot, even if use use tough words.
    You should never do that meaning to hurt someone, that's being a jerk!
    Just breath pretty!
    Everything is going to be fine!
    God told me ;)
    Anytime you need me, you know that i'm not that difficult to find ^^

    Love you grown up girl! hehe