sábado, 3 de abril de 2010

It’s morning.

It’s a sunny, warm, fresh morning.

And here I am, sitting in my bed, looking down through the window, watching the happiness of all these kids down at the lake.

Kids, that’s what they are. Just kids, like I was not so much time ago. Kids, like I was yesterday.

They sit down, they run, they swim, they laugh… Oh, God, they laugh.

They laugh like there’s no tomorrow, as they should laugh… as I should.

But I don’t know where that joy is anymore, and it’s so hard trying to find it lately, that I just considered stop trying.

My forehead touches the cold glass that separates me from their world.

And I feel like that glass is gonna be there forever, even when I’m in front of them, eating with them, hugging them.

Something broke inside of me, and that Glass is what keeps me going on.

And yet I hope it wasn’t there.

‘Cause today, even I see the bright sky, I know that the sun didn’t rise,

I know that it’ll never rise again.

The sky’s always gonna be this paled blue color,

The clouds will always be these unshaped pieces of cotton,

The stars will never be as bright as they were yesterday.

And I will never be happy as I was.

‘Cause I once found a joy in life that not many people find in a lifetime.

And, maybe, I wasn’t as grateful as I should’ve been.

But I knew everything was gonna be ok.


All I know now is that yesterday is gone.

Forever gone.

And I’m not.

Just because of you.

‘Cause you were the joy I’ve found, and you were my sun.

You taught me how to see shapes in clouds, and you were the one.

You told me to look at the night, and there was always a new brilliant star you would show me.

And never the sky was as blue as the days that I spent with you.

And that’s only one reason for me to keep holding on.

It’s when you said that I could only prove my love for you if I stayed strong.

‘Cause you’re not here anymore,

And you took all my happiness away.

But I’m still gonna be keeping my promise.

As long as I can breathe, I’ll stay.

And I don’t care how much longer I’ll have to wait.

Wherever you are, you better be waiting too.

´Cause you may have given up you life for me,

And I may have promised I’ll not give up on mine for you,

But I never said I was gonna forgive you for leaving me behind, without my sun.

And I never, ever, said I was gonna stop loving you, my darling, my friend, my only one.

(Monnique São Paio)

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