domingo, 18 de setembro de 2011

No, you don`t

When he held my hand while we were looking at the stars, and he said 
- I love you
I knew he didn`t, so I said
- No, you don`t.
And when we were driving by that beautiful beach we use to go, and he said
- I love you
I knew he didn`t so I said 
- no, you don`t
That day, when he lost his last family member, he cried and wouldn`t let no one near, i held him tight for hours and when he finally spoke, he said - I love you.
But I knew he didn`t, so I smiled and wept his tears, and said
- No, you don`t.
Even when his fiancée dumped him and he wandered around for a hole day and i was the one to find him when no one else could, after he told me everything he felt he started to say 
- i lov.. But i shut his mouth and said - Nop, you don`t.
After a long time, when we graduated from college and all the family he had was me, and i bought him a huge milkshake and took him to a walk in the park, when I thought he was over it, he said 
- I think I love you. But i knew it was for the wrong reasons, so I said 
- You don`t, even if you think you do.
That day was our last day together before moving to different states for work, and we saw movies and returned everything we had borrowed from each other, and it was raining when he left my house, so we danced in the rain and fell on the ground. He just looked in my eyes and said:
- This time I really do love you.
But i knew we would just miss his best friend, so i hugged him and said 
- As a friend, I agree. but that way, no, you don`t.
A year later, when we met by accident, and walked and talked for a while, and sat at a bench till the sun was down and we didn`t even see the time goes by, he walked me to my apartament and hold me for a hole minute, smiled at me and said: 
- You`re my best friend, and it`s like time didn`t pass at all. Everything feels just the same. - he smiled - Except this time I won`t say I love you. `Cause you`re right, I don`t.
And at that time I shook my head and put a hand around his neck and said. 
- Nop, you`re wrong. This time, you do.  

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