terça-feira, 27 de setembro de 2011

I'm sorry

I'm sorry you thought you had to do that
It's not easy for me to watch your soul breaking down
Even if you don't know it 
- especially if you don't know it..

I'm sorry they made you think that was the only way
That you're not good enough
That you're not better then that
I'm sorry if they made you think this was ok

And I'm sorry I didn't do anything for you
Or you brothers and sisters
'Cause I didn't, and I know it

I'm sorry you didn't have the same chances as I
And if you can't see a brighter future,
I doubt it's your fault
-and I try real hard to believe it ain't mine

Sorry if you can't read lots of books
- oh, my, I don't even know if you can read...
and if you didn't have values being passed to you
- I don't know if you have a family

I'm sorry if no matter how hard I try, 
I may - and probably will- never be able to say it to you
And I really wish you can get over it
And realize you ARE better than that
We all are

I hope I can help someone like you one day
And that no longer you'll think that's you only choice

I'm sorry for sometimes forget to be grateful for all I have
I'm sorry to live in a society that pretends to be blind 
- and pretends it's not their fault

I'm sorry if anyone else has courage to say it to you
To say they're sorry too
oh, they must be.
'Cause I am.

So so sorry.

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