quarta-feira, 20 de junho de 2012

Impossible to share

I found something
I found something beautiful and pure
I found a single butterfly on the blue sky
I found something I can`t hide to myself

I found a love letter inside a bottle from 100 years ago
I found a crack by the window glass
I found a hole in the wall
I found that colorfull beachball we thought was long lost
I found the sound of my grandma`s voice

I found something
A little toy inside a chest, so old and full of dust
But a powerful blow and it still glows!
A dart craved - bullseye - at a picture frame
Somethings so precious, others so lame

I found something I didn`t know I lost
I found hope and life and sin and torture
I found a garden waiting for spring
I found a feather lost from someone`s wing

I found something
I found it and I`m afraid I`ll lose it
But It`s something you cannot contain
It`s impossible to hide, chain, restrain, bottle up, lock

I found this something that I wanna share
But what can I do, if all my hopes I dare to say, are in vain
Cause I found something you don`t understand
And though I can try my best
To put it through my chest and translate and transform to make you see
I can`t do it, I don`t have in me that talent, that Art
I wouldn`t even know how to start...

I found something
I found a passion in a heartbeat
I found pain at a footprint
I found all these, and with all my soul
I want to share with you, but I can`t change the fact that
This something that I found
- a bunch or letters, an amount of words -
I can never make you understand
Cause I found the most amazing english poetry
- and, you see, as you speak portuguese -
Well, It makes no sense to you, my mumbling about this
But at least for one thing you`ll be spared of all my impractical dreams
For you`ll never know - or so it seams
That I found something.

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